Seasonal Game

Game is only available at certain times of the year due to breeding seasons.

Below is a list of the seasons where the game will be available. Although we may not always have these in stock during these times as they are wild animals and sometimes not in abundance or the conditions are not right for hunting.

  • Pheasant: October 1st- February 1st
  • Partridge: September 1st- February 1st
  • Grouse: August 12th- December 10th
  • Mallard: September 1st- January 31st
  • Woodcock: October 1st- January 31st
  • Deer Male: August 1st- April 30th
  • Deer Female: November 1st- March 31st

Selection of Quality Game

During the game seasons we stock what we can when it is available to us.

We only select responsibly sourced game mainly from local shoots and estates.

We game hang all of our birds for that extra flavour and tenderness. Sometimes this can be done for up to two weeks after the animal has been shot. Although the utmost care has been taken to remove all the lead shot from the game birds some may remain.

If new to cooking game we are more than happy to advise on cooking times and preparation. If you require game it is always best to phone ahead to check on availability to avoid disappointment.

Variety and Choice

  • Rabbit - whole and jointed
  • Game birds including grouse, pheasant, partridge, guinea fowl and quail
  • Venison - haunch, steaks, stewing, sausages
  • Fresh Homemade Venison Burgers with Fresh herbs and Onion