Speciality Meat & Dinner Party Selection

At J & S Rook Butchers we like to get creative and come up with tasty treats for something different. Whether that’s something special for a dinner party or guests. Or just something a bit different for dinner. We provide many alternatives to the usual pork chop or steak for dinner. We have created lots of different meal ideas be that for one or many.

  • Individual Beef Wellingtons. (Large also available to order)
  • Individual Racks of Lamb marinated in olive oil, garlic, black pepper and parsley
  • Spatchcock Half Chickens With a Garlic and Garden herb Marinade
  • Loins Of Lamb Rolled
  • Mint or Pesto Chumps of Lamb
  • Lamb Shoulder Quarters Studded with Garlic and Rosemary
  • Chicken Stirfry
  • Chicken Crowns Stuffed with Date and Apricot
  • Individual Stuffed Chicken breasts
  • Marinated Whole legs of Lamb
  • Stuffed Boned and Rolled Loins of Pork

Argentine Cuts and Produce

We are proud to offer Argentine and South American Cuts of beef. We have served the local Argentine community for the past 20 years and have gained knowledge of some of the cuts they use for BBQ's. This includes Asado, Milanese, Lomo, Bolo de Lomo, peceto, entrana and various other cuts. If there is something specific we can always accommodate you.

We also offer various other Argentine products. These include Fargo Empanada pastry, Havana Alfafores, Rosamonte Mate, Cruz de Malta Mate, Che Mate, Taragui Mate, Dulce De Leche, Salt, Chimi Churri and various other condiments and sweets.

Hog & Lamb Roasts

We offer a "do it yourself" style hog or lamb roast.

We provide the hire of a hog roast machine with gas and self propelling spit. It’s a self contained unit that will cook a pig in seven hours.

We can drop off the machine off and set up the pig ready for cooking. We shall provide all the necessary information for carving and serving. This service is only available in the local area.

We would suggest that a hog roast will feed between 80 and 100 people dependant upon size of serving and appetites. A lamb roast will feed around 25-30 people.

For price and further information please feel free to call and speak to a member of staff.